all eversway guests are invited to be part of the Appreciation Project
designed to provide inspiration, useful tools and mentoring
to those desiring more from their Performance Magic adventure.
Participating members can receive and use all WorkShop eBooks and included material at
under a Responsible SHARING process called ShareBooks.

A Registered Member may select any eBook from the
WorkShop Section,
an agreed item by FunSway, but HandFull is recomended first.
After exploring the eBook and determining his/her personal value of the material,
the Member agrees to complete an Online Evaluation Form
to provide essential feedback to FunSway to fuel the innovation process.

Only the individual performer can assess the practical or theoretical value
of an idea, trick, gimmick, effect or routine to his/her needs and aspirations.
Those who do decide to use something for the eBook are invited to support the
FunSway Innovative Process with a
donation of appropriate value,
but only the Evaluation is required for a ShareBook.

After the Evaluation is completed, the Member may select another item from the
WorkShop Section.  For any focus on magic with small objects, it is recommended that the
K&S GUIDE be the
next requested ShareBook.  A participating Member may select other
eBooks from the WorkShop.  
After completing two (2) ShareBook Evaluations, one of
which must be the GUIDE, the Member can select an
eBook from Beyond the Box at a
50% discount, with a commitment to further feedback.  
Since the information provided by
Members will prompt new innovations and eBooks, there will always be new options from
which to choose
and learn.  This is Win-Win!

Just as any performer needs feedback from lay spectators in order to refine his routines
and presentation skills, any magical innovator needs constant information
as to "what works" in the practical world where each performer wishes for
a chance to add his own 'spin' or "style' to an effect or ins
Yes, FunSway has created new Sleights and invented new Gimmicks,
but the key to being innovative is in applying these ideas to meet the needs of others.

Thanks for participating!  Of course, you can simply pay the BUY NOW price
at any time and chose not to be part of Appreciation.
Why am I doing this?  

Amongst the comments I have received about my previous pricing attempts, two thoughts
stand out:  "if I get even one good idea from an eBook I am more than pleased,"  and "I never
buy eBooks because I can't resell them.  I've been burned too many times."   The common
factor is RISK!   The first person is willing to invest $5, $15 or $40 on the chance that he will
receive something of useful value from an eBook, just as he might purchase a new trick based
on the dealer's description.  The second person does not wish to risk anything, but will
probably pay more for something in hand of value to him.  How do I guess?

I also wish to elevate the general quality of eBooks and Tricks being marketed in the Magic
arena.  I have drawers full of promises that did not measure up, or were fantastic but beyond
my ability to perform.  I have cherished books and am bother somewhat by the modern trend
of looking for "quick fixes" or the latest Gimmick to replace diligence and practice.  By offering
everyone the opportunity to increase his/her knowledge of the potentials of performance
magic we will all benefit.  I would rather gear my efforts to meeting actual needs rather than
those guessed at in the wee hours of the morning.  Editing is also important, and any author
suffers from being blind to silly mistakes.  Feedback will increase the quality of my own
eBooks, and perhaps establish a standard against which other eBooks and products can be
measured -- at least in clarity of instructions and logical learning flow.

I also believe that many magicians will financially support further innovation and attendant
eBooks if it is offered without Risk and compensation is based on personal perceptions of
value rather than some 'wild guess' as to the innovator's time and inspiration.  When you
perform before an audience the real reward is repeat business, not the fee you charged; since
the former is based on appreciation rather than expectations.  If I do a good job in my
'performance' I also deserve to be compensated.  If I do not provide something of practical
value to you, the performer, then I have no right to anything beyond respect.

The  respect is shown through the commitment to provide meaningful feedback, hopefully one
when you first read the eBook, later when you learn the Sleights or Moves, and again when
you offer it to the public.  Form this process we both can grow in excellence.

Enjoy the process...

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