Coin Magic
Dust off that old Hooked Coin
and add dozens of new Effects
and Routines to your Repertoire.

Exciting new Sleights and Moves
including a complete Miser's
Dream with a coffee mug.

You will start carrying that
special toll around with you
everywhere.  This goes far
beyond "what came in the box!"
Coin Cap
Someone in your audience
is wearing a base ball cap!
Borrow it and use it for an
incredible Miser's Dream type
Routine that will astound even
your magician friends.

Exciting new Moves and Sleights
for taking advantage of the
Cap's special features, that can
be used with other small objects
as well.  Simple and effective!
Coin Age
Miser's come of age!   A continuous flow of a
variety of coins tossed into an ordinary container.
Yet each surprise production appears different
- with the hand shown empty between moves.

No difficult Sleights
or complicated gimmicks!
Get close up and personal -  involve the audience!
Clink!  Clang!  Ching!
Dump the coins into a spectator's hand -
then use those coins for other effects as well!
A simple Miser's Routine
using a Slot Glass
with new Moves and Sleights
that will delight everyone.

Always empty hands with
dozens of coins produced!

No - the same coin is not
produced over and over again.
Sway Methods
make the difference.
A complete and surprising
Boston Box/Okito Routine
with that Sway Touch.

Audience participation
in Penetrations, Vanishes and
Transpositions - some in
spectator hands!
Innovative Moves and
tweaked Sleights
take you to a new dimension
for this famous Box.
An "in your face" simple-sleight
Miser's Dream effect using
Quarters and a Mug.  A simple
gimmick allows this to be
performed seated, using a
walker or with shaky hands, but
ideal for any setting and skill
level -- very flexible
This uses the Hinge Device
Undecided, with other
optional Sleights and gimmick
for advanced workers.