Furst Time

A collection of FIVE special
Mentalism Routines
taught to me by Arnold Furst
in 1959 – 60.
A legacy to all magicians.

To my knowledge none are in print

His kindness to young magicians will
never be forgotten.

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An impromptu Mental Effect with a ‘found’ magazine, anywhere, anytime.  Ideal for small groups, sales training or teaching environments.

Techniques for “non-contact” Mind-Reading.  No preparation, just trust.  Best after a parlor setting demonstration of magic. Closed room quite
essential.  Any magician friends will leave talking in whispers.

·        ETHEREAL
A “Spirit Bell” type of Mentalism with an ethereal quality.  Impromptu in anyone’s home or office.  Requires some “fortune-telling” skills.  
Beautiful and entertaining.

·        IN SILENCE
A Mentalism demonstration performed without saying a word.  Ideal after performing some other Mind-Reading effect like a “book test.”  So
astonishing no one will applaud – or dare ask how it is done.

A discussion of Helstromism type demonstrations of  “Contact Mind-Reading.”  Some “do’s and don’ts” advice to a group of eager teenagers by a
master.  Sage advice for anyone doing mentalism, divination or psychic experiments