An exploration into collapsible cups of all types for use as Chop Cups
Co-Lapse) led to the discovery of the new Silicon Cup now offered as the
exclusive portable drinking cups for Boy Scouts around the world.  The earlier
solid, segmented plastic cup popular with Cup Scouts for decades is no longer
available.  This new Cup has significant advantages as a Chop Cup, and even
for use in more traditional Cups & Balls routines.  It does not, unfortunately,
come in different sizes; and the ‘pop’ nature of the expansion precludes
several possible Sleights available to the old style collapsible cups.  On the
plus side, these new ‘Scouts’ have significant advantages over any other
Kup/Container you may wish to use:

·        folds flat for carrying in the pocket  
·        usable in six (6) different configurations

·        easy to hold and manipulate

·        can be Stacked

·        large enough for “Benson Bowl” type effects

·        easily gaffed internally with a magnet

·        allows for an off-center set of the gaff

·        can be gaffed for ‘non-magnetic’ retention

·        usable with all types of external magnetic gaffs

·        ‘pinchable’ for retaining large loads

·        unbreakable

·        inexpensive and universally available (about $4.00 US)
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